Is trauma handed down through generations?

Saleem says he can still see the faces of the young men he shot. More than a decade after sniper duty in the Lebanon-Israel war of 2006, he still has nightmares.

“In this region we have a saying that a young man is like a rose …” He breaks off for a moment and then does not finish the sentence.

Saleem’s first marriage broke down after the end of the war. His children stayed with him. He admits he was probably hard to live with. “I never talked about the war. I never talked about it at all. I locked everything away.”

After the war he drove refuse lorries for a while. Now he is a taxi driver. He has remarried but he doesn’t speak to his new wife about the war. “I don’t like to leave the children,” he says. “I don’t like to be outside the house at night. For years and years I didn’t want to talk about it at all, but now I look online at night to try to understand.”

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